You know it’s important but sometimes you need a push

Need a Push

You know it’s important but sometimes you need a push

That’s what happened to me last month. I belong to a mastermind group that meets monthly. In last month’s session I told the coach I’d been working on a new website for myself and it had gone on the back burner. She had me set a goal to get it live. (You know the old story about the cobbler’s children, right?) Well, it’s still not ready but it’s soooo much closer.

I thought I met my goal a couple days before my next session. But – sadly I found that the slider doesn’t work properly on mobile so there’s at least one more thing to troubleshoot before it goes live. I can’t wait for you all to see it!

I loved that push. I worked on it a little bit almost every day and it felt so good that it was getting closer and closer to going live. Sometimes as a business owner you tend to let things for your own business slide because taking care of clients is more important. Sometimes you can miss having that boss give you deadlines and goals to reach for. So I have a mastermind group to help me keep on task.

Do you need that kind of push too?

One of the things we promote on our new website is Gentle Reminders. So many of our clients get lost in their day-to-day tasks that they forget it’s time to write a blog, send in updates for Facebook or for their website. But that’s what we’re good at – keeping people on task with gentle reminders.

If you need that little push to get your marketing done let’s talk. We now have an on-line calendar where you can book an appointment that’s convenient for you. Or if you prefer, simply call 508-697-4027 or send us an email through our contact form and we’ll be in touch.