Why you should read your Google Analytics reports

Google Analytics

Why you should read your Google Analytics reports

Most people don’t understand the value of Google Analytics reports. Maybe they just don’t understand the reports. What they tell you is how your investment is doing. After all, your website is an investment in your business, right? You wouldn’t invest money and not keep and eye on it so why wouldn’t you keep an eye on your website?

You went to a lot of effort to develop interesting content for visitors to find out about your business. Don’t you want to know if they’re actually finding it and then staying on the page and reading it?

Here are some of the things you want to look at:

Is the page getting any hits?

You want/need clarification that your key pages are getting seen. Your Google Analytics reports will tell you how many hits each page got in a certain time frame. You could choose a month, week or even a year.

Average Session Duration

This is the average length of all site visits combined. Naturally, the longer someone is on the page means they’re reading and engaging. Depending on your Average Session Duration you may have a page that’s not answering their question or not catching their attention.

Bounce Rate

A bounce is tallied when someone has visited only one page on the website and left. Because Google has no idea how long someone stayed on that one page it’s given a 00:00:00 for Session Duration. That’s unfortunate because you don’t know if they spent 1 second or 10 minutes reading your info. It also makes it hard to determine if this page needs attention. To remedy this situation you could add a Call-to-Action to see if you could get them to continue on through your other pages.


An exit is the last page of a visit to the website whether they closed the tab or navigated to another website. Your contact page is usually a popular one in this category.

Did the page catch their attention?

Could your page be so text heavy that no one wants to read it? Are there relevant graphics to draw them in? Perhaps you need some call-outs to grab their interest. Maybe all you need is some text bolded for them to scan for some keywords. Whatever the solution, there is a page that needs attention so you can engage your visitor.

We provide Google Analytics reports for our clients. Some receive them monthly, others prefer quarterly. Either way they get a summary that explains what’s happened and recommendations for action (if any). If you aren’t getting your reports and want to keep an eye on your investment give us a call at 508-697-4027 or use our contact form. We’d be thrilled to help you get more traffic and get visitors to stay on your pages.