What the heck is a meta tag and why is it important?

Meta Tag Description

What the heck is a meta tag and why is it important?

If you’re shopping for a new item, whether it’s a car, house or appliance, where do you go? If you need a service, say a plumber, electrician or web designer, where do you start? Some people start with asking for referrals. Then where do you go to follow up on your answers? Eighty percent of people go to Google and do a search.


When you do a search how many pages do you look at before changing your search term? One, maybe two …. Do you ever make it to page three? When you do click on a link and pull up a site how long do you stay there before you decide it’s relevant to what you’re looking for? Do you think it’s a minute? 30 seconds? It’s usually less than 8 seconds!


You Need to Capture Their Attention!

If you’ve got a web site and want to be found by potential customers you’ve got to come up on the first or second page on the Search Results. Something in those Search Results needs to make the searcher want to click through to your site. The text that you see on the Search Results pages is called meta tags and there are two that are extremely important to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc) finding you and capturing people’s attention.


Take a look at the graphic above. The first line is the Title Tag. So often you see the name of the page put here: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services. If you’re looking at that on a Search Results page does it pique your interest enough to click through? Put your information up there of what you do! Give them something to say “Yes! That’s exactly what I’m looking for!”.


The next two lines are the Description Tag. Many small company owners who do their site themselves don’t even know this exists. This is a huge opportunity to give searchers a small introduction as to what they’ll find on that page. You should do different Title and Description Tags for each page of your site to really focus in on what you’re offering. It’s like waving a red flag saying “Hey, here I am and this is what I’ve got!”. Take advantage of every opportunity you can.


Want to fine tune your site?
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