What are WordPress plug-ins?

wordpress plug-ins

What are WordPress plug-ins?

Briefly, WordPress plug-ins are functionality modules that can perform a wide range of tasks. Think of them as puzzle pieces. Each one is a piece that creates (or builds) your website.


Here are a few of the most popular ones:
Anti-Spam Backup Duplicate Page/Post Newsletter Integration
Contact Form E-Commerce Google Analytics SSL (now required by Google)
Contact Form Security Content Importer Google Sitemaps SEO


Usually a simple, basic site could start with around 10-12 and go up from there. You always need anti-spam, a contact form and security for it, backup, Google Analytics, SSL and SEO. Depending on what you want on your site there could be a few others.


Here are some other possibilities:


Pop-up box that directs people to sign up for your newsletter Coming soon page while your site is under development Tool that automatically post blogs to your social media pages
Events calendar Membership manager Broken link checker Share buttons
Google Maps Google Fonts And on and on ….


You get the idea. The possibilities are almost endless. Plug-ins provide a way to have the functionality you need and not having to buy a theme with endless things you don’t need. This gives you a streamlined, well-optimized website that’s unique.


That’s the good part. Lots of choices! One of the challenges is that there are no standards – anyone can create a plug-in. You don’t know if the one you want/need will work with all the others. And … they all need to work together. That means developers, or the general public, are the ones who test and rate them. Because of this, testing them before going live is extremely important. Or when you add a new one a couple years later or need to replace one to get better features you need to test everything all over again.


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