Time to Spring Clean your Website

Spring Clean your website

Time to Spring Clean your Website

Now that getting your taxes done is no longer looming overhead it’s time to take care of other things such as a spring clean your website. It’s time to make sure everything’s working properly, that it still looks fresh and that it’s bringing in business.


Here are some suggestions to spring clean your website:

  1. Is the software and plug-ins up-to-date?
    WordPress is updated on a regular basis to fix security issues, address bugs and enhance features and/or speed. Themes (the foundation of the website) are updated as well for many of the same reasons. Then there are plug-ins. These are the components that build your website. One could be the form builder, an SEO checker, spam protection, etc. Those are just a few … there are way too many to mention them all. And you should make sure they’re all compatible with one another.
  2. Does the navigation still make sense?
    When pages are added randomly throughout the year you may just tack them here or there. It might be time to re-arrange things.
  3. Is the content current?
    Check the copyright date. Is the news really “new”? Is the About Us still current? Has the Contact info changed – new email addresses, etc.
  4. Are there any broken links?
    There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link to read more about an article and the link is broken. Or a link to a social media page that won’t bring you there.
  5. View the website on mobile devices and browsers you don’t usually use.
    There used to be huge differences between browsers but now they’re minimal. But when you view the site on a tablet or cell there are definite differences. Make sure things make sense.
  6. Check the call-to-action buttons
    Is it clear what you want people to do – call, share, join, follow, fill out the form, etc. Are they visible or do they blend into the page? If you’re not seeing much activity behind these buttons they may need a refresh.
  7. Review the Analytics data
    Do mobile users bounce or exit at a higher rate than desktop users? Do some pages have high bounce rates? Reviewing Google Analytics reports on a regular basis can keep these things from becoming a long-term problem.

Congratulations if you’re keeping up with all of this. But for those who aren’t or those who want someone to take care of it for them we offer quarterly retainer packages to handle all of the above items for you. We’ll run your Google Analytics reports and make recommendations (if any) of what to change. We’ll update WordPress, the theme and all the plug-ins. We’ll check for broken links and keep your copyright from being outdated. We’ll take this off your plate – just give us a call at 508-697-4027 or use our convenient contact form. Let’s talk soon!