Is the thought of building a website overwhelming to you?


Is the thought of building a website overwhelming to you?

Our newest client felt that way too. He’d done a ton of reading and was overwhelmed with all the terminology, the horror stories and everything that goes with stepping outside of your comfort zone.

John Duguid came to us referred by two people in a similar industry. He is very knowledgeable and spoke quickly and in very technical terms. As we spoke John told me he was going to write his own content and I cautioned him that if wrote the way he spoke that nobody would read his content. (Pretty blunt, huh?) He received some coaching and some guidelines and after a couple rounds of edits he had some great content. He’s also using these guidelines going forward as he writes his blog posts.

John also needed help with a logo, coordinating his email accounts on Gmail, an online calendar scheduler, and an archiving service for all his marketing endeavors.

As with many in the financial services industry, all his content needs to pass through compliance consultants. John sent his first round of content to the compliance consultant and got a couple suggestions. Off we went to build the website! We worked together to choose stock photography that worked well with the theme of the content. After all these items were coordinated the website was ready for launch. We sent it off for a final check by the compliance consultant. Here is the review:

Compliance Consultant's Review

Needless to say, John was thrilled with the report. And so was I!

So if the thought of going through the process of building a website seems daunting and you’d like someone to guide you through it please give us a call at 508-697-4027 or use our convenient contact form. We’d love to schedule a no-obligation consultation to see if we can help you the way we helped John. To see an example of what we can do for your business, look at the website we created for John at

QMI Capital Management LLCOh, by the way, John is also continuing to work with us with a social media campaign to get out the name of his business.