The top 16 items that should be on your home page

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The top 16 items that should be on your home page

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. So the question I ask you is “what does your home page say about your business?” Is it streamlined and focused or cluttered and messy? Does it provide the information the visitor is looking for – and quickly? You have 3 seconds to capture their attention or they are GONE. It needs to be quick, efficient and well organized.

Here are some items that should be on your home page. Some of the no-brainers are:

1. Logo. It’s the first thing people see when visiting. It’s always placed on the top-left corner.

2. Navigation/menu. List the most important pages and create drop-downs for the subpages. Don’t have mile-long drop downs. Create pages to direct people into the sub-categories.

3. Contact info. Whether it’s your phone or email make it clickable and easy for people to use.

4. A great photo. Whether for a slider or a single image it should make an impact.

5. Keywords. The pages should be optimized with keywords to draw in traffic.

6. A short and sweet Headline that tells people quickly what you do.

7. List of services with content that will entice them to learn more.

8. Call-to-Action. What do you want people to do? View your portfolio? Check out the About or Services page? Direct them there with an eye-catching button or graphic.

9. Testimonials. It’s always nice to see what others say about your business.

10. Blog. This is the perfect tool to keep fresh content on your site and keep Google ranking you on top.

11. Social links. Make it easy for people to see your social channels.

12. Footer. This repeats your contact info, pages, blogs all in one neat compact area.

Depending on your business here are some other suggestions:

13. Portfolio. These are great for anyone in the trades so they can display their fabulous work.

14. Event calendar. A must have for associations.

15. Subscribe to email/blog button. Have it in a prominent area in a color that will catch the eye.

16. Awards. They bring tremendous credibility to your business.


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