secure web sites

The latest news from Google … and how to be compliant

I know … here it comes again. But this time it’s a good thing … and long overdue. Google is trying to minimize hacking so they’re requiring everyone to have an SSL certificate on their website. This was something that people with e-commerce and financial sites had. But, going forward, this is going to be the new normal.

Starting in July 2018 Google will require that every website that has a place for you to enter text must be secure.

A place to enter text could be:

  • a contact form
  • a search bar
  • log-in to back end or control panel

So that means everybody.

To give an example, when I log in to the back end of a WordPress site I type in my username and password. Under HTTP, a hacker can easily grab that info. They can log in and change the images to porn, change the pricing to outrageously cheap, even lock me out of my own web site. When you use HTTPS the chances the hacker can grab that information is drastically reduced. There’s always that chance – and there always will be – that someone’s going to get around it. Look at all the hackings at major companies like Target, Equifax, TJX, Home Depot, etc.

So how do you know if you’re compliant? Type in your browser https:// and then your domain name.

This is what you want to see: Secure Web Site

If you see either of these Connection not secure  contact your web person immediately. You have ONE MONTH to get your site compliant.

If you need help getting your website compliant with Google’s latest changes we’d love to help you. Please give us a call at 508-697-4027 or use our convenient contact form. We want you to feel secure that your website will be secure and that people will want to stay and visit.