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Monica Bentley


WordPress Developer, SEO Consultant, LinkedIn Strategist


Monica Bentley, a pioneer in her field, started where few women ventured. She was one of six women graduating from a class of 100+ in a vocational school in a then male-dominated Graphic Arts field. In the late 80’s she moved into training and systems administration for a Creative Department within a catalog company and became one of the first female Mac Certified Techs in the country, the first in the Boston area. Never able to say no to embracing a new technology, in 1999 she moved into updating and managing several corporate websites for the catalog company.

In 2003, Monica founded Simple Wizardry with the intent to give contractors visibility on the internet. Over the years, Simple Wizardry has evolved from a solo web design practice into a full team of organic internet marketing specialists helping a multitude of service businesses navigate the confusing world of digital marketing. The evolution was gradual. Her clients needed more than just web design. First they asked for optimized sites. Monica answered that need by getting certified in Search Engine Optimization. Then she needed people to write copy and create or edit logos. She knew people who could do that. The next request was social media. And she brought that in too. To serve our many contractor clients Monica then became Houzz certified. As all companies do, Simple Wizardry evolved to fill the clients’ needs. We’re excited to see what’s next.


Phone:  508-697-4027

Skills:  WordPress, SEO, LinkedIn

Do not hesitate to hire Monica!!!!!!

Monica was introduced to me as a solution for some website upgrades. She Initially analyzed the existing site and made some very interesting points, I hired her to make the edits even though the website was just under a year old. Later I was informed that my site was not "Mobile Friendly" by Google. If it was not fixed any ranking we had with Google would be compromised. Monica jumped right on the issue and solved this issue promptly! Do not hesitate to hire Monica!!!!!!

Karl Ivester

I beam with pride when I direct them to our site

"Nadeau Construction Corporation enlisted Monica and Simple Wizardry to bring our commercial construction firm’s website out of the Stone Age. She not only delivered above and beyond our expectations, but was responsive to every request and at less than the cost of her competitors. Monica really spent the time to understand who our target audience was, what the best way to reach them would be, and designed a website that achieved our goals efficiently and with an elite image. Monica worked hand in hand with us to make sure the design portrayed our high quality construction projects. We really wanted a website that we would feel proud of when directing a prospective client there, and Monica delivered. Our construction firm operates in the commercial realm so we have a lot of upper management of businesses browsing our projects and I can honestly say I beam with pride when I direct them to our site for more info. Simple Wizardry was down to earth, accommodating, and extremely competitively priced. Monica was an absolute pleasure to work with even when our hosting company dropped the ball time and time again. She did such a fantastic job, that Nadeau switched our contract over to Simple Wizardry for our hosting needs as well! I would highly recommend Monica and Simple Wizardry for any company looking for a reasonably priced website and an enjoyable experience overall. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns prior to hiring Simple Wizardry."

Sean Lamontagne

Monica is – by far – the best!

"I hired Monica Bentley to “revive” my website in May of 2016. Over the course of my long career, I have worked with 3-4 website developers, and Monica is – by far – the best! If you are investing in a new or updated website, you want someone who a) knows the technical side of web development and b) can walk you through the development process, knowing when to gently “push” you to provide material. Monica is unique in that she focuses not only on developing the website, but on the bigger picture – that of your digital marketing presence. She incorporates her knowledge of website design with search engine optimization with digital marketing strategy. The results? A professional, easy-to-find, website with digital marketing components such as blogs, articles and more. I enjoyed the process of working with Monica. She strikes that delicate balance that allows you to work at your own pace and getting the job done. For me, I wanted it done quickly so I set an extremely fast pace! She kept up and made the time to review and comment on all that I sent to her. I enjoyed our “virtual” conversations. She just finished with my website, and I have to say, I am thrilled. She kept after me to get good pictures, great finished copy and blog articles. The results are very satisfying. I highly recommend Monica for your digital marketing and online presence needs! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions."

Karen Benz