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Generating Website Leads

How do you generate leads for business?

In CJ Hayden’s book  “Get Clients Now” she talks about 6 different ways to attract business. Most of her strategies are face-to-face and they were helpful to me when I first started my business. Recently I sat in on a HubSpot webinar and the topic

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Does your website work as hard as you do?

Part of the business cycle is to examine aspects of your business to make sure things are working properly for you. If it’s an employee that’s not working up to par you'd have a discussion with that person and tell them your expectations. Hopefully you’ll

Why Have a Web Site?

Why have a web site?

You've been toying with the question "Should I have a web site" or "Is it time to update the site I have?" Here are five great reasons to help you with that decision.   It builds credibility. A web site shows that you have made a commitment