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Developing a Relationship

How to Develop a Relationship with your Target Market

Last month my topic was “How to Identify your Target Market”. After reading the article you should’ve pulled together some demographics, identified your target market and decided which social media platform to use. Now let’s talk about how to deepen that relationship. BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS LinkedIn is typically the

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How to Identify your Target Market

Do you struggle with identifying your target market? Do you know what the best ways are to get in front of your customers so they can get to know about your business, contact you, ask for your product/service? The usual answer is … it depends …

Right Tool for the Job

It’s about value

As years pass when you’re in business you take things for granted. It isn’t until something happens that you get to take a step back and take a look at how the business has changed and how it’s evolved. A recent incident taught me to