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Watching a How-To Video

Are you posting video yet?

Did you know that 4 times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it? I know I would. Wouldn't you? Use of video has exploded over the past couple years. Some of my clients have dipped their

Keep It Simple

Keep content updates simple!

Do you ever get overwhelmed trying to keep fresh content on your site , blog or social media? Here’s a tip that can make it easy! Use your phone. Everyone’s walking around with a mini-computer in their hands and you only use about 20% of

What is Internet Marketing?

Do you know what Internet Marketing is?

I recently asked this question in my mastermind group and the answer was a resounding “NO”. Some folks who thought they knew the answer were now second guessing themselves. This experience prompted me to do a little research. I found that the phrase “What is