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Is there such a thing as maintenance free?

Have you ever heard of anything that can run 24/7 and not need maintenance? You’re constantly updating your phones and computers, right? Websites aren’t any different. Remember, they are built using technology that constantly changes so you should be prepared to keep up. Simple Wizardry builds websites

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Monitor and Evaluate: The final step

  Now that your keyword-focused pages have been built it’s time to perform the final step in our 5-step Drive Traffic Process: Monitor and Evaluate.   The keyword research is done and we've chosen the term you want to rank for. The keywords are in the meta tags

Do you have goals for your website?

Do You Have Goals for Your Website?

Everybody is talking about goals this time of year. Don’t forget to include goals for your website – make sure it’s working hard for you!   At this time of year you should talk with your internet marketing person and set up a strategy for the year