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Did You Know Not All Links are Created Equal?

Did you know there is a free way to increase your Google PageRank? And just what is PageRank and why do we care about it? PageRank is Google’s way of ranking importance of a particular page. That rank is used to determine which pages will

What is Internet Marketing?

Do you know what Internet Marketing is?

I recently asked this question in my mastermind group and the answer was a resounding “NO”. Some folks who thought they knew the answer were now second guessing themselves. This experience prompted me to do a little research. I found that the phrase “What is

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Is your business among the sites being searched?

  According to 94% of consumers use the web to research products or retailers before making a purchase. 69% research product features, 68% compare prices and 58% locate items online before going to a store to shop. Retailers and manufacturers must understand this consumer behavior

Do you have goals for your website?

Do You Have Goals for Your Website?

Everybody is talking about goals this time of year. Don’t forget to include goals for your website – make sure it’s working hard for you!   At this time of year you should talk with your internet marketing person and set up a strategy for the year


Is your web site making you money?

  So often I hear people commenting “my site doesn’t get any traffic” or “I’m not getting any business from it”.  Can you please take a look at it?   Well, sure.  That gives me a hint that search engine optimization wasn’t taken into account when it was