Good Title Tags can increase traffic

Title Tags should say Pick Me!

Good Title Tags can increase traffic

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Isn’t that what you want when your web pages come back on a search? You want to be picked as the link they’re interested in. Here’s a tip on how to improve those odds.

Improve your Title Tag

The title tag is the first line of the description a visitor will see after doing a search. If you use one of those DIY sites like GoDaddy or Network Solutions you’re given a default title like Home, Services, Contact and About. Those really aren’t descriptive enough to get someone interested enough to click through, are they? How about instead of HOME you have something like “Medical Billing Service just for Dermatologists”. If you were a dermatologist wouldn’t you click to see what it’s all about? How about “Septic Pumping and Septic Maintenance for Foxboro, Mansfield, Norton, Easton, Walpole, Wrentham, Sharon and Taunton MA”. You know immediately whether they serve your town or not.

Why is this important? Well, let’s do a search for septic pumping in Foxboro. This is what you’ll see on your screen:

If it said “HOME” would you click it? Even more important, would Google even determine the page relevant enough to show it? Just the word ‘home’ is generally not used in a search and very rarely shows up on the search results page. If it were used as a search term it would probably be used with the word improvement or some other type of business other than yours (unless you’re a home improvement contractor). That’s not good for getting your business found.

Each page should have a unique title tag describing what a visitor will see on that page. Instead of TESTIMONIALS if it said “Read what our Clients say about us”? Isn’t that more compelling? The ABOUT page could say “Premiere [fill in the blank] company in New England”. You get the idea … unique, individually descriptive. So people will PICK YOU!

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