What is one one-thousand, two one-thousand?

You have just a few seconds

What is one one-thousand, two one-thousand?

That is the length of time you have to capture someone’s attention when they’re surfing the web. About 2-3 seconds. Quick, isn’t it? If what you do isn’t prominent – and clear – on your home page you may lose the opportunity for new business.

So, how do you fix it?

Here are a few different examples:

  • You could put a photo of your work with a description next to it. Take a look at Signature Glass Inc. They do custom shower enclosures and it says so very prominently on the home page along with a photo of one of their jobs.
  • My home page shows clearly the three areas of my services: Web Sites, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.
  • Smart Tax Advisor has the words Proactive Tax Planning on the first graphic in his slider.
  • Or you could have an unusual graphic that draws people in to read more like on Benz Strategic Group.

So there’s room to be unique. You don’t want to be like everyone else anyway. When someone’s shopping for your services and comparing several web sites you want to stand out and be remembered. Dare to be different!

What you don’t want to do is be vague or cutesy. There isn’t enough time for that. When I started tracking how long you have to capture people’s attention several years ago it was 7 seconds. Now it’s down to about 2-3. If your page loads slowly, they’re gone. If it’s not clear what you do, they’re gone. Gone back to the search results, ready to choose the next one on the list. You’ve lost that opportunity that quickly.

If you need help getting clear on your home page or reorganizing your website’s flow please reach out and ask for your free consultation. We can help you with keyword research to find out what those words should be that people are going to type in to find you. We can help with graphics or photos to grab attention. Call us today at 508-697-4027 or use our convenient form. We’ll put together a plan for improvement just for you.