Monitor and Evaluate: The final step

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Monitor and Evaluate: The final step


Now that your keyword-focused pages have been built it’s time to perform the final step in our 5-step Drive Traffic Process: Monitor and Evaluate.


The keyword research is done and we’ve chosen the term you want to rank for. The keywords are in the meta tags and in the headline, they’re used several times through the text, in the alt tag(s) and in a hyperlink or two. And we’ve created pages focused on a single product or service and really fine tuned the page.


Now let’s take a look at the results. Google Analytics can give you the results over time. You can see how many hits the page is getting, where the hits are coming from, what keywords are bringing visitors and how long they’re staying. You can even see if they’re leaving the site from this page or if they’re looking at other pages.


Here is where we start to analyze everything. Are the hits increasing? If not, is it because you’re getting better qualified leads because of the work we’ve done? Remember, more traffic is not necessarily better. It’s the right traffic that counts. If they’re leaving the page and not calling, filling out your contact form or making a purchase then we need to look at the results and Fine Tune.


Fine Tuning takes time. It’s not just watching the numbers, but talking to you and finding out what’s been going on too. It’s a collaborative effort. Part of knowing what’s working is knowing that you’re getting phone calls, emails and connected with potential customers on social networking sites.


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