Magical SEO tips to help your website get found

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Magical SEO tips to help your website get found

Starting this month I’m going to be providing some tips on search engine optimization to help you improve your website.

Meta tags are hidden in the code that builds your web pages and contribute to your search engine ranking.  When written well they will generate more traffic.


There are two important tags that are used to tell the search engine about your page. That’s it. Two. They are the title tag and the description tag.


Here’s an example of where you see these tags in use. I Googled Simple Wizardry and here is what came back:

Meta Tags

The top line is pulled from the title tag and this one’s critical to catch the search engine’s attention. Very simply, it is the name of your page. How often have you seen sites where you see on the tab in your browser the words “(Company Name) Home”, “Products”, or “Services”. These terms tell the search engine NOTHING about what’s on the page and pass right by. As you see in the example above it is clear that we do web design, internet marketing and print marketing. It’s important to make sure your keywords are used in this tag.


The second line is the description tag. It should really focus on the content of the page. Every description tag should be different because every page is different. If the search engine doesn’t use content from your page it will use this tag. When the user reads this text you want them to say “That’s exactly what I’m looking for!” and click through to your site.


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