What does Keyword Research have to do with a Bicycle or Tricycle?

What does Keyword Research have to do with a Bicycle or Tricycle?

The perfect keyword is more like a tricycle than a bicycle – much more stable. Typically you want to find a keyword that has just the right balance between how many searches are done on that particular term and how much competition there is. The thing that’s going to put the stability in your Keyword Research strategy is working with the business owner and going through the results to pick just the right keyword.

Laser focused keywords will:

  • draw the right traffic
  • lower your bounce rate
  • keep your exit rate low
  • keep visitors on your site
  • increase the time visitors spend on your site
  • get you a better lead

Let’s say you’re a small business selling the same products as the big guys. When you look at the Keyword Research results you have to take a serious look at the competition level. There may be tons of searches that make the phrase very tempting but if the competition is 100% and the bid on Adwords is set ridiculously high you have very little chance of coming up. The big guys have the budget to make sure they come up. How do you deal with that? You look at terms that get less traffic and match your business better. No matter what, the more generic terms are going to get higher search volume. But when someone types in that generic term and sees what they have to wade through to find exactly what they’re looking for what are they going to do? They’re going to re-do their search with more specific terms. And that’s where you come in.

I did a search on the term lighting. It got a high volume of searches (4400) and had a high level of competition making it difficult for a small business to get ranked high on page one. Next I put in a more focused term – energy efficient lighting. The search volume was lower (40) and still had a high level of competition. Then I checked commercial energy efficient lighting. It had low search results (10) and a low level of competition. It’s counter intuitive but it’s exactly what we’re looking for.

If you sell lighting to commercial companies and chose lighting as your keyword you’re going to get a lot of people leaving your site because they’re not going to find that they’re looking for. If you chose energy efficient lighting you’re closer but you’ll still have a high bounce rate. (The bounce rate is the number of people leaving your site without visiting any other pages.) So even though you chose the phrase with the lowest traffic of the three terms you’ll get people who are interested in exactly what you’re selling. Those visitors will visit several pages of your site to see what you have to offer. This increases the time they spend on your site and increases the chance you’ll have a really good lead. Wouldn’t you rather have 10 really good leads than 4000 people who aren’t really interested?

So what’s your choice? A bicycle where everyone falls off or a tricycle that keeps everyone riding safe? Call us. We’ll find your tricycle.