What keyword would people type in looking for your business?

Targeted Keyword Research

What keyword would people type in looking for your business?

Have you thought of what keyword people would type in when looking for your services? I did my Keyword Research (again) and thought I’d share the experience.

My initial thoughts would be someone would look for a web developer or web designer so I used those keywords to start. But we also do SEO so maybe an SEO web developer. Since HTML and CSS are programming perhaps someone would type in web programmer. But wait … we also do marketing – blogging, social media and newsletters. Would someone type in web marketing company?

The top result was something I never expected. Website builder. I would’ve never guessed! It had 1900 hits in a 30-day period. Since my tag line for working with the building trades is “We build what contractors can’t” maybe I can use this knowledge to my advantage.

The second highest result was web design. Not web designer. It also had around 1900 hits but the competition in AdWords was just a bit lower. But I wouldn’t use this word because it’s too broad. It could be ANYBODY looking for ANYTHING about web design. The chances of someone coming to my site looking for a web designer are pretty slim. It would increase my bounce rate (people leaving immediately) and that’s not a good thing. I would like to increase traffic but not if it’s not what they’re looking for.

Next in line was web developer. It was drastically lower at 390 but it is a more targeted keyword, meaning those people are most likely looking for someone to create a web site for them. Also coming in at 390 was web designer. So, based on this knowledge I’d use both of those keywords throughout the content of my site.

It was interesting to see the other entries. There was professional, database, ecommerce, php, joomla and freelance. Noticeably missing was WordPress – which is what the bulk of my business is lately. Of course there is the industry-specific ones like web design for restaurants, hotels, real estate, medical and of course, small business. But no entries for service businesses or contractors. Hmm … maybe I should switch to working with more medical or real estate people??

It’s always good to do Keyword Research on a regular basis. Results are always changing. Why? People get savvy. They learn how to do a search to get the results they’re looking for. Plus when you type in what you’re looking for you’re given suggestions to pick from. That really narrows the results too.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had Keyword Research done for your website give us a call or fill out our convenient form. We’d be happy to see what comes up for your business! Maybe you’ll get some interesting results too.