It’s time for your annual spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning

It’s time for your annual spring cleaning!

If your website’s been dormant for a while, now is the time to give it a little spring cleaning. It’s time to check all those little details and make sure things are working properly.


Here’s a few things for your check list:

1. Is the copyright out-of-date?

Nothing says “you may be out of business” more than a copyright that’s a couple years old.

2. Is the contact form still working?

Technology on the server the website sits on is always being upgraded. The code that was used to build your website may no longer be supported.

3. Is WordPress, the plug-ins and theme up-to-date?

For the same reason as above, WordPress, plug-ins and the theme may no longer be compatible with the upgrades done on the server. You may not even be aware that things aren’t working properly.

4. Is the content still current?

Simple little changes happen throughout the year. Phone numbers change, people change, email addresses might change. If someone uses outdated contact info they make think you’re out of business and not try another avenue.

5. Have you checked your Analytics data lately?

Reviewing the Analytics reports regularly can keep these things from being a long-term problem.

6. Are there any broken links?

As content ages links to sites may change. You might want to check (or have a plug-in do it for you). That way your content is always relevant and not throwing a curve ball.


High-fives if you’re keeping up with your spring cleaning. For those who aren’t or those who want someone to take care of it for them we offer quarterly retainer packages to handle all of the above items for you. We’ll run your Google Analytics reports and make recommendations (if any) of what to change on a quarterly basis. Then we’ll update WordPress, the theme and all the plug-ins, check for broken links and keep your copyright from being outdated.

We’ll take this off your plate – just give us a call at 508-697-4027 or use our convenient contact form. Let’s talk soon!