How would you “grade” your web site?

How would you grade your website?

How would you “grade” your web site?

Don’t we all strive for 100% in whatever we do? Well, you should strive for 100% for your web site, too.


There are several “scales” to give you a guideline for how it’s doing. The most important one is Google’s Page Rank. Google uses a complicated, ever-changing formula to determine your rank. Take a look at your site and see where it stands on a scale of 1 to 10. Generally a 3 or 4 for a small business is good.


Another great little tool is from HubSpot. It measures several key components of your site and makes recommendations for optimization such as meta tags, the number of inbound links and checks when the last time was that Google visited your site.


When doing a Competitive Analysis one of the things I do is pull rankings from these sites and others like them. The rankings show you where you stand against your competition and you gain some insight into changes that you may want to make to improve your site.


Want to “grade” your own web site?
Go to my home page and click on the FREE evaluation link. You will receive a report that will give you some recommendations on how to improve your ranking. If you’d like to follow through on any of these recommendations send me your report and we can discuss a strategy for the changes that make sense for you.


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