How do you generate leads for business?

Generating Website Leads

How do you generate leads for business?

In CJ Hayden’s book  “Get Clients Now” she talks about 6 different ways to attract business. Most of her strategies are face-to-face and they were helpful to me when I first started my business. Recently I sat in on a HubSpot webinar and the topic was generating leads. They discussed 9 different ways to attract business. Two-thirds of the strategies were generating leads through the internet. This graphic displays the 9 strategies discussed and how they interact with a website. The goal is to drive potential clients to your site so they can learn more about your products and/or services.


Like CJ Hayden, I recommend that you use the strategies that you are comfortable with. There’s no point in doing cold calling if you’ll only put it off because you hate it. Of course, you could always hire a professional to handle the tasks you don’t like or don’t know enough about. A copywriter could write a month’s worth of posts based on your direction. A social media specialist can either teach you or manage your social media strategy. If you need a referral for any of these services please email me and I’d be happy to connect you.


Of course, if you need that critical center piece of the graphic – a website – we’d be happy to talk to you about your goals and devise a plan for implementation. Simple Wizardry can also handle your newsletter, develop an SEO strategy or create a plan for pay-per-click ads and landing pages.


If you are interested in learning more I would be happy to schedule a free half-hour consultation to discuss how you can start driving traffic to your website. Call 508-697-4027 or use my calendar to schedule an appointment.