Guide your web visitors down the sales path

move thru the sales funnel

Guide your web visitors down the sales path

You have less than 5 seconds to capture a web visitor’s attention before they decide whether to stay on your web page or move on to the next site. In that precious five seconds you have to show them exactly what you offer and why they should do business with you. It should be quick, easy-to-understand and have a path for them to follow. With the trend towards simplicity the page should be clean and free of clutter. Add in just a little confusion and most people are gone. They simply don’t want to take the time to read and wade through tons of stuff – yet. Once you get them hooked and bring them through your path – then it’s time to give them the details.

Let’s say you offer three services. The home page should display them clearly so the visitor can say ‘yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for’ and click to find out more. There should be a distinct flow that leads the visitor to find more information.

The second level should be a quick overview. If you have multiple offerings you could show them here to help them narrow down their decision.

The third level should have all the details they’re looking for to determine if this is the right product/service for them. The call-to-action where you ask for the sale could be on either the second or third level.

If the site is optimized, essentially any page can be a home page – it’ll just be a shorter path to the sale because they can come in anywhere on the site. They’ll pick up the path from there.

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