Have you completed writing your goals for 2012?

Set Goals for your Website

Have you completed writing your goals for 2012?


Everybody is talking about goals this time of year. Do you have goals for your website too? Like bring in more leads, more conversions, more traffic ….


At this time of year you should be talking with the person who manages your internet presence and set up a strategy session to drive more traffic to your web site.


Here are some tactics to draw more traffic:

  • Do you have a newsletter? Newsletters keep your current and potential clients informed of new services or products and specials that you offer during the year.
  • Do you have a local business? Get listed in Business Directories that are related to your industry or geographic area where customers can talk about the great experience they’ve had with your business.
  • Have you wanted to get started with social networking or learn how to improve your profile?
  • In order to make sure it’s all working we’ll monitor your site’s activity to make sure all our hard work is paying off!


Here are some ideas to keep people on the site:

  • Is the site well organized? A change in the navigation scheme may be all it takes to make it easier for visitors to get around.
  • Is the site too wordy? You have eight seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. Is your message short and to the point? A copywriter can help whittle the text away while keeping your important keywords prominent.


Whether you start slow with one at a time or jump in and start them all together, these tactics can comprise your strategy and bring in more business during 2012.


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