Goals, goals, goals … What are your goals for 2017?

How do I reach my goals?

Goals, goals, goals … What are your goals for 2017?

It’s that time of year – everyone’s talking about their goals. Whether you set yours for 30 days, 90 days or for the whole year it’s time to think about where you want your business to be and how you’re going to get it there and put a plan into action.

My goals for January are to choose a CRM and start using it. Check – it’s done! I chose E-Way CRM because it integrates with Outlook. I didn’t want yet another program to manage and this makes it so easy. I’ve entered all my leads into it and set all the reminders. E-Way keeps all the documents and notes together for the prospect and I love that it reminds you to follow up so you can get it out of your head. I was writing these things down every – single – day to keep them top of mind. But now my head is clearer knowing that E-Way is going to do that for me. I’m also thrilled that it’ll cut down on some of the paper clutter in the office. That’s an extra bonus!

My second goal for January is to read “SNAP Selling” by Jill Konrath. Since I target service businesses, particularly the building trades – and we all know how crazy-busy they are lately – I’m hoping to get some tips to help me reach out to them. Not only do I hope it will help with my business but I’m hoping it will help how I position my clients businesses so we can shorten their sales cycle too. If you’ve read this book I’d love your feedback.

What are your goals?

Do you need to convert to a mobile web site or just need a fresh new professional look? Do you need to pull together a social media strategy or have someone manage it for you? If these are on your list of goals for 2017 I’d love to talk to you and see how we can help. Please give us a call at 508-697-4027 or fill out our convenient form.