Do you window shop?

window shopping

Do you window shop?

At this time of the year many of us visit malls and window shop. Is the window pretty? Will I go in this store? What does their display look like? Is it beautifully displayed in a way that makes you want to go in and shop or is it poorly designed and not enticing?

Now imagine you’re in that mall and very thirsty. Ahhh … lemonade sounds good. You look around and see

Boy Sells Lemonade

© Americanspirit | – Boy Sells Lemonade Photo

What do you think? While it’d be nice to help a kid with entrepreneurial spirit you just don’t know. Maybe … maybe not. Then around the next corner you see

professional lemonade stand

© Valentino Visentini |

Now there’s someone who’s made an investment in their business, is around for the long-term and you know they’ll be there next time you thirst for lemonade.

People visiting websites aren’t any different. The latest studies show that it takes 3 seconds (down from a whopping 7 seconds) for visitors to decide whether they’re going to stay or not. It’s even quicker if they’re on a tablet or cell phone and your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

Your website is your window to the world. Does it represent your business well? Is it displaying properly on mobile devices which now account for over 50% of searches? If it doesn’t, give Simple Wizardry a call or fill out our convenient form to schedule a time to talk about how we can improve your image and get people to decide to stay more than 3 seconds on your website.