Do you read your Google Analytics reports?

Google Analytics

Do you read your Google Analytics reports?

Ha, I thought so! It’s been my experience that most people don’t read them – even worse, many probably don’t even understand them. Yes, they can be dull, boring … tedious. So wouldn’t it be a good idea to get this off your plate and have someone who keeps an eye on what’s happening … someone to make sure it’s giving you a return on your investment?

A new client gave me that opportunity and here’s what I found in the first Analytics review. One particular page caught my eye — it’s getting a lot of hits. The keyword is drawing most of its traffic and that one page accounts for 15% of traffic on the entire site. (I can hear you yawning – stay with me now!) The average time spent on the page is 45 seconds, which means people are actually reading the copy. Looking at these numbers alone I thought the page is serving the customer well until I saw that 82% of the visitors returned to the previous page (the majority of them are going back to Google) or they left the site completely.  Only 18% went on to other pages in the site. On top of that, the business owner told me he’s not getting any calls for that service. Now, if you’re getting that many hits and no calls or emails it tells me the visitor is not finding the information they’re looking for on that page. In plain English, it’s not working. It’s time to make some changes – and quick! Thankfully, someone’s watching the site and noticed this needs attention.

The “gold” in the Analytics reports tells you what’s happening. You have to watch and dig for it, but it’ll tell you the story. This experience sparked the launch of a new package that will help improve the ROI of your web site. I’m calling it the Watchful Eye Plan.

In the Watchful Eye Plan you’ll get:

  • A monthly custom Google Analytics report.  This is not the regular monthly report that Google sends out. It contains data about how many hits you got, where they are coming from (from search engines, directory submission sites, people typing your web address in directly, etc), how much of your traffic is coming from mobile devices, what keywords are drawing traffic and a report on the pages as was explained above.
  • A quarterly summary report. This report will summarize what’s happened over the past three months so you don’t have to wade through the details.
  • A one-hour conversation. We will discuss what’s happening in your business. During this call I’ll want to know what effect the work I’m doing is having. Are you getting more emails and/or phone calls? What are they contacting you about? All this helps me do my job better for you.
  • An Action Plan for the next quarter. During our conversation we’ll come up with a plan for the next quarter. Do we do keyword research? Re-write copy? Add a blog? Add a photo or simply add a caption?
  • Up to 2 hours of editing time (or more depending on the size of the site) to roll out the Action Plan .

Then, guess what? We look at it again next month and again at the end of the next quarter to make sure hits, emails and phone calls are increasing.

You have someone watch your investments and make sure they’re performing well. That’s what Simple Wizardry does. We watch your website and make sure it’s performing for you.

Would you like some eagle eyes on your reports? Give Simple Wizardry a call at 508-697-4027 or fill out our consultation request form and we’ll work with you to learn about your business and make sure your pages are working hard to bring you leads.