Do you prefer fresh or stale?


Do you prefer fresh or stale?

Would you go into a store and purchase something that had been sitting on the shelf for a few years? Of course not! Stores make an effort to constantly keep products updated, discontinue old items and replace them with new ones and offer ever-changing sales. They keep things fresh whether they sell food, clothing, furniture or whatever.

I recently went into a restaurant that was under new ownership. Their other restaurant has a great menu and inviting atmosphere. In the new location I was expecting a new menu with their best selling meals at the very least. Six months after taking over what I found was the same dingy old room that hadn’t changed in 20 years and the same old menu. Will I go back there? Not in any great hurry!

Why do I mention this? What do you think happens when someone visits your site and the same content is there that was there a few years ago? Have your products or services changed? All businesses evolve. Isn’t it time to freshen up?

Here are some reasons to keep your site fresh:

  1. Search engines are always looking for new, original content. If they find the same old stuff they don’t have a reason to come back. Your competition with all the current data will get the search engine’s attention instead of you.
  2. You don’t want to appear behind the times. Products are always new and improved. Electronics are always being upgraded. Services change to keep up with the latest trends. Does your content reflect the changes? If not, visitors may think they’re getting products off a dusty shelf – that’s the last thing you want to happen.
  3. Some sites are developed and a copyright date is put at the bottom. Have you seen some of these where it hasn’t been updated in years? Do you wonder if they’re still in business before you read on? Let them know you’re still around!

How do you keep your site current? If you send a newsletter you can turn it into a blog. Take all your old newsletters and randomly post them so the content is constantly changing. If you’re offering a new service you can create a new page and announce it. If you’ve got a new employee or business partner add  them to the “About” page.

Do you need some help freshening up? Give Simple Wizardry a call at 508-697-4027 or fill out our consultation request form and we’ll work with you to learn what’s happening in your business and figure out how we’re going to let everyone know.