Do You Have Goals for Your Website?

Do you have goals for your website?

Do You Have Goals for Your Website?

Everybody is talking about goals this time of year. Don’t forget to include goals for your website – make sure it’s working hard for you!


At this time of year you should talk with your internet marketing person and set up a strategy for the year to drive more traffic to your website. Here are some ideas to get you started:


You could add a newsletter. How often — weekly, monthly or quarterly – depends on your comfort level. You could start by sending it quarterly and increase the frequency if you find you’re getting a great response.


How about a blog? Blogging adds keywords to your site that will draw traffic. Google loves fresh content! You can comment on other sites or write your own.


Increase your backlinks (links to your site). There are generic directories you can get listed in as well as industry-specific ones. This is something you should do on a consistent basis and is a great way to increase your Google Page Rank. Get listed on strategic partner’s sites and do the same for them.

Do you have a strategy with goals for your website?


Do some press releases or product announcements. There are many free and fee-based sites to submit to, newspapers or industry magazines.


Finally, you need to watch what effect this is having on your traffic. Use Google Analytics to monitor your site. Track the hits on your pages and blog and analyze where your traffic is coming from. Keeping an eye on this as the year progresses lets you know where to increase your efforts going forward.


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