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Is your site pulling in traffic?

Sometimes the simplest things can help increase traffic to your website. I’ve been meeting with several contractors lately and what really surprises me is that they’ve got great photos posted in a portfolio but there isn’t a word there to tell people about the project,

outdated technology

Is there such a thing as maintenance free?

Have you ever heard of anything that can run 24/7 and not need maintenance? You’re constantly updating your phones and computers, right? Websites aren’t any different. Remember, they are built using technology that constantly changes so you should be prepared to keep up. Simple Wizardry builds websites

website down?

How old is your website in web years?

Have you ever heard the term “deprecated”? I laughed when I first learned the term. It’s almost looks like decrepit and that’s pretty much what it is – but related to code. Deprecated is a label that’s put on code which means that it shouldn’t be

Search Engine Magic

Focus, focus … or hocus pocus?

Why it’s important to have a page for each product or service Many times when I’m talking with a potential customer I explain that every product or service they have should have a page of its own. From the look on their face I think they’re