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Developing a Relationship

How to Develop a Relationship with your Target Market

Last month my topic was “How to Identify your Target Market”. After reading the article you should’ve pulled together some demographics, identified your target market and decided which social media platform to use. Now let’s talk about how to deepen that relationship. BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS LinkedIn is typically the


Announcing Some New Team Members

Several people have commented over the past few months about my team. I’m proud to be collaborating with all of them! Over the past several months there have been a couple additions. Let me introduce them: Calvin Crane Nelson III Art Director | Freelance Graphic Designer Calvin and

Keep It Simple

Keep content updates simple!

Do you ever get overwhelmed trying to keep fresh content on your site , blog or social media? Here’s a tip that can make it easy! Use your phone. Everyone’s walking around with a mini-computer in their hands and you only use about 20% of