Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Perfectly Optimized Web Page

How to get a Search Engine’s attention

Take a look at the graphic below of the “Perfectly Optimized Page”. Is there any mistaking the fact that this web page is about donuts … specifically chocolate donuts? As the search engines review and index this page they are certainly going to recognize the

What is Internet Marketing?

Do you know what Internet Marketing is?

I recently asked this question in my mastermind group and the answer was a resounding “NO”. Some folks who thought they knew the answer were now second guessing themselves. This experience prompted me to do a little research. I found that the phrase “What is

design, develop, implement, analyze, evaluate

Does your website work as hard as you do?

Part of the business cycle is to examine aspects of your business to make sure things are working properly for you. If it’s an employee that’s not working up to par you'd have a discussion with that person and tell them your expectations. Hopefully you’ll

How would you grade your website?

How would you “grade” your web site?

Don’t we all strive for 100% in whatever we do? Well, you should strive for 100% for your web site, too.   There are several “scales” to give you a guideline for how it’s doing. The most important one is Google’s Page Rank. Google uses a complicated,


Is your web site making you money?

  So often I hear people commenting “my site doesn’t get any traffic” or “I’m not getting any business from it”.  Can you please take a look at it?   Well, sure.  That gives me a hint that search engine optimization wasn’t taken into account when it was