Internet Marketing

Right Tool for the Job

It’s about value

As years pass when you’re in business you take things for granted. It isn’t until something happens that you get to take a step back and take a look at how the business has changed and how it’s evolved. A recent incident taught me to

Digital Marketing Plan

Do you have a digital marketing plan?

If you’re like most business owners you’re great at what you do and the other stuff gets pushed to the wayside. Then, when you’re slow, you wonder how this happened. It happened because there wasn’t a plan to be consistently marketing. When I meet with a

Keeping Top of Mind

How are you staying top-of-mind?

It’s important to understand how your web site integrates into your business. It should not be the only marketing piece you have. Other marketing efforts should also drive traffic to your site and with keep you top-of-mind. How do you do this? Every business is different

What is Internet Marketing?

Do you know what Internet Marketing is?

I recently asked this question in my mastermind group and the answer was a resounding “NO”. Some folks who thought they knew the answer were now second guessing themselves. This experience prompted me to do a little research. I found that the phrase “What is