What's in it for me?

Are you familiar with WIIFM?

No, it’s not a new local radio station. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Wii games. It’s the attitude you should be taking when talking to your customer. It’s what they all want to know.  WIIFM. What’s in it for me? How do you

Keep It Simple

Keep content updates simple!

Do you ever get overwhelmed trying to keep fresh content on your site , blog or social media? Here’s a tip that can make it easy! Use your phone. Everyone’s walking around with a mini-computer in their hands and you only use about 20% of


Do you prefer fresh or stale?

Would you go into a store and purchase something that had been sitting on the shelf for a few years? Of course not! Stores make an effort to constantly keep products updated, discontinue old items and replace them with new ones and offer ever-changing sales.