Are you productive during the summer months?

summer time

Are you productive during the summer months?

Ahh … summer, beautiful summer! Your clients may be on vacation or a reduced work schedule and things have slowed down. This is the perfect time to catch up on all those to-do’s that have been floating around in your mind.


You’re not alone. Here are some ideas:


Put your networking hat on.

Reach out to current clients just to say ‘hi’. If you are slow, there’s a good chance they are too. Ask them what they’re doing and what they’re planning for the Fall. Maybe there’s something that you can do to help them. Or investigate new networking venues. It’s a great time to meet new people.


Learn something new.

Is there a class or certification that’s been on the back burner? What’s going to help move your business forward?


Roll out a new product or service.

Has the thought of a new product or service been in the back of your mind for months? Now you have the time to spend thinking through the process and getting it ready to roll out.


Review the first half of the year.

Did you hit your goals? If not, take a look at what worked and what didn’t and make a plan to change things up for the rest of the year.


Look at the results on your social media posts.

See what type of post was popular and which ones weren’t. For the next month hone in on what people engaged with and see if you can gain some more followers because of it.


Update your website.

Make sure your website evolves with your business. Services and products come and go. Make sure it’s current. Check your ‘About’ page to see if there’s something new that needs to be added. Any new employees to add? Or ones who have left that need to be removed? Start a blog. Now’s the perfect time to create a backlog of content.


Clean out your mailbox.

I’ve created folders for each client and I try to put emails in there after the work is complete. But sometimes I’m so busy that it doesn’t happen. Now is that time.


Clean out your desk and old office supplies.

If you’re like me you’ve collected a bunch of stuff, whether it’s from going to trade shows or just picking things up at your local office supply store. Some of those things you’ll never use. It’s time to clear out some of that clutter and open things up for things to start happening. Give it away and feel great about giving it to someone who can use it rather  than just throwing it away.


And most important of all … take (summer) time for yourself.

You’ve been working hard and need that downtime to restore yourself. The greatest ideas can come when you’re not even trying.