We’re announcing a new LinkedIn service!

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We’re announcing a new LinkedIn service!


Have you ever wanted to get in front of a certain target market but didn’t know how? Well, with our new service we can do that for you. We do it using LinkedIn. If you’re a new(er) business owner looking to connect with a certain type of business we’ve got you covered. If you’re a contractor looking to connect with architects and designers, we can do it. If you’re a Tax Advisor looking for connections in your niche, we can do it. If you’re a fertility specialist looking to connect with gynecologists and fertility clinics, we can do it. We can connect you to people you would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

It’s very simply called a LinkedIn Campaign. Here’s how we do it:

  • We review and maximize your profile
  • Together we decide on who your target demographics will be
  • We pull together a list of up to 250 prospects
  • We develop a messaging sequence and verbiage – up to 5 messages
  • We manage the connection requests

What you have to do:

  • Provide 2 informative articles of interest to your target market, or we can write them for you
  • Communicate with us about prospects that have questions
  • Schedule appointments for phone calls
  • Call the prospects

It’s that simple. We would love to help get you in front of your target market. Call 508-697-4027 for more information or use our convenient form to let us know you’re interested in more information.