6 Reasons to look at your Google Analytics reports

Google Analytics

6 Reasons to look at your Google Analytics reports

When a developer builds a house they naturally assume that the homeowner will look after the house and make sure everything’s working properly. You wouldn’t imagine that they’d let the roof go or not maintain the furnace. A web developer has the same expectations. If you don’t maintain and keep your website upgraded it’s going to fall into disrepair. Code will not function, links to outside destinations may break, and forms may not deliver email.

But what if you didn’t know how your pages were behaving? What if you expected lots of traffic and in reality visitors are leaving immediately because the page is difficult to read? How would you know? Google Analytics  gives you that information. The Analytics reports tell you how long visitors are staying on the page and whether they’re leaving the  site from the page or continuing on to another page. If a high percentage are leaving the site immediately you know it’s time to take a look and figure out why this is happening. There are many possibilities. Among them are:

  • the text is difficult to read
  • the page flows poorly
  • there’s too much text and nothing is broken out or bolded to catch their attention

That’s just one aspect of the report. Here are five more important reasons to look at your Google Analytics:
1. Is anyone visiting your web site? These reports will tell you how many hits you’ve gotten, how many are new visitors and how many are repeat visitors.
2. You find out how visitors found your website. Are they coming in through Google, typing your web address in directly or linking through a listing you’ve got out there? If a listing is drawing good traffic you may want to consider a similar listing to increase it even more.
3. You can see what keywords are drawing traffic. With this information you can write blogs or post on social media to draw more traffic to your site.
4. You can see what kind of traffic a marketing campaign draws through the use of a landing page and see how many hits it gets.
5. You’ll know what percentage of visitors are coming from a mobile device. This will help with a decision to move forward with a mobile-friendly web site.

If you’re interested in learning more about Google Analytics give us a call at 508-697-4027 or fill out our convenient form to schedule a time to talk. We’d be happy to work with you to harvest all the information and put it to good use improving your website.