iphone black screen

How are you with regular maintenance?

My iPhone instantly dying on me and giving me a black screen prompted this month’s topic … regular maintenance.


Whenever an update comes on my phone (or my computer) I’m likely to wait a couple days in case there are some bugs to be worked out. That comes from my many years as an IT technician. What I’m not so good about is going in and updating all the apps and deleting the ones I don’t use. For this reason my phone may get full, not have the latest updates or whatever. Basically, I’m not paying as much attention to it as I should to prevent mornings like today.


Routine maintenance can prevent panic. You wouldn’t consider waiting a year to change the oil in your vehicle, go a year without a haircut or any of those things you do on a regular basis. Those things are just second nature to be taken care of.


Regular maintenance on your website shouldn’t be any different. The server it sits on gets upgraded regularly. Which means the software that your website is built on also needs to get updated before it’s no longer compatible. That means WordPress and all those little plug-ins that are components of your website need to get updated as well as the theme the site was built on. Those 3 items are updated regularly and need someone to install them. Broken links need to be checked. Regular backups need to be created to reduce time getting your site back up should it crash. Lately I’ve been hearing from people who had Verizon email addresses and are having issues with emails being forwarded. Sounds like those need to be updated too.


Getting on a regular maintenance plan will help avoid major issues in the future. If you are not on retainer for WordPress updates please contact us soon so we can prevent some of these issues. Call us at 508-697-4027 or use our convenient contact form.