How do you get your portfolio gallery found?

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How do you get your portfolio gallery found?

I’ve seen so many portfolio galleries that are just that – a gallery of photos. Let’s say someone calls you to talk about a job they saw on your website. They love it and want you to build/remodel something similar for them. How do they describe it so you know you’re both talking about the same job? If you have no captions it’s really difficult.

So you add captions to the page.

Imagine if you took it one step further and told a story about the project. Imagine that they not only can connect with you over this project easily but they are already super interested because they can see themselves in this home/office/remodel. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

How do you get people to visit your portfolio gallery if they don’t know you?

It starts with an Internet search. If there’s no content (no captions, no story) there’s no chance anyone will come across your page in an Internet search. Sorry, but there’s nothing for Google to find. And since Google is used by 92% of Americans we care about what they look for if we want to come up on a search.

 What do you do?

At a very minimum you add captions. But in order to catch the search engine’s attention you really need content. That means having a story about that project packed with details (aka keywords). Put in the style of home you built, the cost, the materials used, describe the rooms and the features in them. This should come quickly and just pour out of you since you just completed the project. If you’re sending it off to your Internet marketing/web person you could simply record it on your phone and send it off when you send the pictures. It can be so simple and can take less than 5 minutes.

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