Is your business like everyone else’s?

Definitely unique!

Is your business like everyone else’s?

Of course not! You bring something different to the table. Your education, your upbringing, your own personality … all these things make you and your business different from your competitor. So why have a website that’s generic? It should reflect your business, speak to your target market and talk about the benefits of what you can bring to your customers and potential customers.

A while back I was meeting with a potential customer. He gave me a catalog and asked me to put up the products on his website. OK – but what about the rest of it? How do we tell them you’ve been in business 20 years, that you’ve got employees who have been in the field for a long time, that you really take an interest in what you’re doing? All that’s important too. People want to do business with people who care about what they’re doing. Passionate people.

Personally, I’m passionate about helping small businesses portray themselves well. I’ve met some great ones recently and love working with them. The CPA/tax advisor, author, chiropractor and business coach are all great clients.

My family’s background is in the building trades. This is an area that I’m not only passionate about but very knowledgeable. I love helping them show their work. I want people looking to hire a remodeler / glass guy / commercial general contractor, etc to see the quality of their work so the potential customer will want to work with that contractor even before picking up the phone. If I can help shorten their sales cycle I know that I’ve done my job well.

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