Simple little changes can make a big difference

Simple little changes can make a big difference

A friend called asking for advice because she got a phone call from one of those SEO companies. They promised her #1 placement on a mobile search and she wanted to know if it was worth spending the money. I told her that was a pretty good promise because with Google’s latest change she won’t come up on a search on a mobile device because her site wasn’t mobile friendly. I loved what she said next – “I knew I asked the right person! Let’s fix that.”

Her site is on one of those DIY companies and – yes – she did it herself. Traffic had been minimal and she said she’d never gotten a call from the site. So we created a new website and made it mobile-friendly. We added some great new photos, reorganized the content so it’s streamlined and easy to find, then added some well-chosen keywords. Simple little changes. She was up and running with her new site in no time.

The site was live only two days and she got a phone call from someone who said they found her on the Internet. They asked if she was interested in teaching dance a local event, which she happily did. Still within the first week she got another call from a prospective customer who also said she found her through her website. Her traffic went from 5 or 6 hits a week and never a phone call to 58 hits and two phone calls that first week – an increase of 1000% in traffic, never mind the increase in calls – I don’t even know how to put a percentage on that. And this isn’t even her busy season! That ramps up in a month. So she’s ready and I can’t wait to hear how full her classes are in the Fall!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention – she comes up #1 on a desktop and #2 on a mobile device.

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