It’s official! We are now an internet marketing firm.

It’s official! We are now an internet marketing firm.

Simple WizardryHow do you like our new look? We’re still performing our magic behind the scenes but the wizard has retired. I’ll miss him. For those of you who never heard the story of where he came from, let me tell you. In my last corporate job there was a copywriter who gave him to me. She said this is you – there isn’t anything you don’t know or can’t fix. And if you don’t know how – you’ll find out. I was humbled and proud that she noticed the passion. I loved that job. I felt like Santa Claus every day. When it came time to hang my shingle I ran across the wizard while cleaning out some boxes and I just had to incorporate him into my new business. That’s what I wanted to offer people. Answers. Help. To fix what they needed.

So here we are, 11 years later still performing magic. But it’s much more than it was 11 years ago. Back then, it was just web sites. Our customers started asking if their sites would be optimized. So I went to find out how and rolled that into the mix. It was such an efficient process for our clients! And I kept learning but you can’t spread yourself too thin and do a good job. So others with magical skills were brought into the mix … Copywriters, Bloggers, Graphic Designers, Social Media Experts, PR Consultants, Programmers, Brand Champions, Internet Marketing professionals. Check them all out. They’re awesome. All these skills were added to offer our clients a better product that will help fix what they need. Want more traffic? Got it covered. To keep top of mind? Got that too. Need a new look? Got it. Someone to maintain or build your web site? Yup, that too.

Many clients come to us because they’re not getting much traffic on their site. It’s not a quick wave of the magic wand but in a year’s time we were able to increase traffic 500% with a plan that made sense for one of our clients.

Others come to us because they’ve got a do-it-yourself site that’s not bringing them business. We’ll build them a custom site to suit their needs and make sure it’s optimized from the launch. We do our best to make sure it reflects your business because every single business is unique. We work with you to tell your story, to show your glory and to help you get found.

If you need help please contact us so we can get you answers. We’re more than happy to talk about your goals and how we can help achieve them.