Stop gambling. Take control of your keywords.

Stop Gambling - Take Control

Stop gambling. Take control of your keywords.

How often do you check things? Your email, texts, weight, the weather …. Often, right? How often do you update your keywords? You think “I did them when the site was built I’m good”, right? Wrong.

We probably don’t even realize it but as time goes by we are getting more and more sophisticated when doing searches. We’ve all learned that if you put in one word as a keyword that you’ll get stuff that’s all over the place – and in huge numbers. Add another word and it’s narrowed down a bit, add a third or fourth and you’re pretty likely to find what you’re looking for.

We all started out not knowing and doing one word searches. Over the years we got better at knowing what to do to get more focused results so we didn’t have to wade through page after page. And we’re probably not even paying attention – we’re just doing it. But the point is we’re getting better at entering search terms to get better results. And, ultimately, because we’ve all gotten better many people don’t have to go to page two anymore. My point is that if you want to compete it’s critical you come up on page one.

Search terms are keywords and it’s important to know which terms to use to get you on page one. A few years back I did keyword research on the phrase “insulated window” and found that if I compared it with the plural version “insulated windows” that the results were drastically different. The singular term (insulated window) had 10 TIMES the searches the plural term (insulated windows) had. I researched the very same terms recently and the results were reversed. The plural term had 4 TIMES the search volume that the singular term had. What does that mean? It tells me that you can’t set it and forget it. We all make changes and adjustments in how we do things on a daily basis. Your website needs regular updates to keep up or it’ll fall to the dreaded page 2 position – or even further back! Stop Gambling – Take Control.

We at Simple Wizardry would be happy to check your keywords for you. It’s also a great way to keep content changing on the pages of your site. Here’s how we do it: Choose a new keyword every month and make the edits to the pages. Next month we do the same. Google loves the regular updates and that keeps you high in the rankings. Give us a call at 508-697-4027 or email Monica Bentley to discuss a plan to keep you up on the top of the search engines.