6 Tips to get High Rankings for your Blog

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6 Tips to get High Rankings for your Blog

We all know writing a blog is a great way to keep updating your site with new content. Here are some tips to have in mind when writing.

1. Be the expert. Write about topics related to your expertise. Cooking sites should talk about cooking, etc. What would you think if you went to AutoTrader.com and they had an article about shoes? Would you think they have any authority on the topic? Would you bother to read it?

2. Watch spelling and grammar. You lose credibility with your readers if your English is poor. But did you know you lose ranking with Google as well? Make sure to use the Spell Checker and then proofread it again. Or better yet – have someone else proofread it.

3. Avoid duplicate content. Google gives credit for original content so don’t take content from a web page and turn it into a blog thinking you just updated the site. It won’t count.

4. Know your audience. Write topics that are of interest to your list. Keep an eye on your reports to see what articles are getting clicks and which ones aren’t. If you send the article as a newsletter write catchy subject lines. I see so many that say [Month] Newsletter. Be catchy – generate some interest!

5. Provide value. What is going to make someone click on your link from the search results page instead of the others? Are your meta tags providing valuable information about what they’re going to find on that page? The description and title tags should be relevant to the blog and a good teaser to get them to click.

6. Create an author’s bio or get Google Authorship. This adds credibility to your articles and lets people know who you are and why you have the knowledge behind what you’re writing.

If you don’t like to write, or don’t have the time to write, let us help you. Simple Wizardry has a team of copywriters with a variety of interests. Perhaps one of them is right for your project. Email me, let’s set up a time to talk about your needs.