Web tools make life easier. Do you offer them on your website?

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Web tools make life easier. Do you offer them on your website?

What would we do without tools? Can you imagine the days where everything was done manually? Ugh. Tools simplify. Personally, I’m a gadget junkie. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the kitchen, the garden or in the office I’ve got all kinds of tools to simplify my life.

What kinds of tools have you found helpful on your favorite websites? There are tons of calculators out there. Mortgage, retirement, loan payoff are all very common. One client has a mulch and stone calculator where you can figure out how much material you need for a job. Love it! As an avid gardener I use it all the time. Putting up a web tool like this also gives people a reason to keep coming back.

One of my favorite web tools is marketing grader. Because I think it’s such a great tool I put it on my website for everyone to use. Why is it so great? It reviews your website and gives tips on how to improve traffic. It used to just give tips on how to improve your SEO but now it takes social media into consideration too. It gives suggestions on how often you should post, about blogging and analytics.

I’ve decided to take the leap myself and I’ve put all my past newsletters up as a blog (and got a nice boost in my score doing it too!). So if there was ever a newsletter you wish you kept and wanted to refer back to it now there’s a way to do that. Just go to www.simplewizardry.com/blog and you can read all the back issues for helpful tips on improving your optimization efforts.

Blogs are also a great way to get people to return to your site or for people to share your posts. If there’s anything that you find useful I’ve made it easy for you to share it with others in your network – just click one of the share buttons.

What are some of your favorite web tools? Put yours in the comment box below. I’d love to learn what everyone else is using.

If you’ve used my favorite marketing grader tool and want some help instituting the results please give Simple Wizardry a call at 508-697-4027 or fill out our consultation request form. We’ll talk about your goals and develop a plan to meet them that you’re comfortable with.