Search Engine Magic: Social Media Drives Traffic

Get Folks on the Bus

Search Engine Magic: Social Media Drives Traffic

This month’s newsletter was written by my Marketing Unzipped collaborator, Jen Vondenbrink. Jen is the social media guru of our group and has gotten me “on the bus”. Let’s get you on there too!

Get Your Fans On The Bus

by Jen Vondenbrink, Your Life Simplified

I love the phrase “driving traffic to my website”.  It conjures up the image of driving an Partridge Family type school bus filled with excited new customers. They can’t wait to get to the destination.  I think I hear them singing back there.


That’s exactly what you’re doing when you use social media for your business. You climb into the driver’s seat, get your fans excited, and show them where to get more.


What? You didn’t know you were driving?
You’re not alone. Many businesses don’t connect what they are doing on social media and how it drives fans to their website.


Your social media presence can be the first time a potential customer meets you. What does a person find when they get to your profile? Is it complete? Can they contact you? Can they get to your website? If your answer is “no” to any of these questions, you’re driving around with the door closed wondering why people aren’t getting on the bus.


Step One: Open the Door
Step one is to open the bus door. You do this by making sure your profile is complete. Give your visitors all the information they need to find you. Make sure they can get from your social media profile to your website.


On the flip side, make sure they can get from your website to your social media sites. People want to get off the bus (leave your website) to learn more about you beyond your website. Make it easy for them. Open the door by providing links to your social sites on the homepage of your website.


Once they get on the bus, you need to keep them entertained so what you say on your social media sites is important.


Do you know who your passengers are? Do you know what they like? Do you know what challenges them? Again if you answered “no,” you have a little bit of homework.


Step Two: Give Them What They Want
When I used to travel to NYC, I loved taking the train. I got there on time, without a lot of fuss, there were computer plugs, wireless and even the quiet car for the right home. They met all my needs.


You want your social site to meet all the needs of your fans so they come back. The more they come back the more likely they will get on the bus and head over to your website.


To do this you need to provide content that meets their needs. The better you do this, the more likely they’ll be sitting in the front seat when you say all aboard.


We’ve talked about getting potential customers on your bus, but what about the destination?


Step Three: Have A Clear Destination
If you want to get to San Francisco, you don’t book a flight to Montana.


The same goes for your potential customers. If they want to know about a specific product or service, sending them to the main page of your site will not make them happy.


Instead send them to specific pages such as an individual blog, product page, or event. It could also be a stand alone landing page. Whatever it is, make sure they know the destination and what’s in it for them.


Listen to your fans. Find out where they want to go, create the destination and let them know the station is now open.


Let’s recap:

  • Step One: Open the Door
  • Step Two: Give Them What They Want
  • Step Three: Have a Clear Destination

The better you do this the happier your travelers. The happier your travelers the more likely they’ll bring a friend next time. Soon your bus will be filled with lots of happy singing passengers.


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