Search Engine Magic: “Old Fashioned” Social Media

Search Engine Magic

Search Engine Magic: “Old Fashioned” Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter … they’re all about sharing with others, whether it is a great article you read or a tip to make things easier. Even before those sites were a twinkle in someone’s brain there were Online Forums – and they’re still a great place to hang out, to give help and to get help.


I belong to a few forums and I know that whenever I have a question I can go to one of these places and get an answer, generally within an hour – sometimes within minutes. What I find about business people, in general, is that they’re helpful. We all know how tough it is to run a business and that we can’t possibly know everything. People are ready to help a total stranger with a problem. When I have a question on how best to code something on a web site the person responding could be in the next town or half a world away.


Online Forums are run by people who are willing to share their knowledge. They volunteer the time to moderate the questions and keep topics on track. Some members lurk and learn. Others participate heavily. You can participate at whatever level you’re comfortable. But I do encourage you to participate and help others. It’s just an extension of what we do in our businesses … help others.


Do a quick search using a term for your industry and add the word forum or discussion group. Look for forums when you’re having trouble with your car, need help with a house repair or just about anything. You’ll be surprised at how many there are out there. Join one or two and give back.


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