Search Engine Magic: Free Publicity

Search Engine Magic

Search Engine Magic: Free Publicity


Is your business hiding in the shadows? Try a bit of PR and see if you can shine some light! There are many topics that can be written about and submitted to web sites such as PR Web, industry sites or to local online or print newspapers. In addition to generating buzz, the links to your site will increase your site’s link popularity. (More links = higher Google rank, which gets you closer to that goal of being on page 1 of the search results page!)


For a great list of ideas for press releases check out Some of the ideas are no-brainers: announce a new product or service, release findings of a new study or research, interesting trends, or being singled out for an accomplishment.


As I read through the ereleases list the one that hit home with me was #24. It’s “partnering with another business or organization”. I haven’t made a formal announcement yet but since it’s this month’s topic … why not do it now?


[drum roll please] Simple Wizardry is part of a new marketing collaborative called Marketing Unzipped. The other members are Cathy Copeland of the branding and design firm, Copeland Art & Visual Brand Design; content developer, PR pro and chief storyteller Melody Howard Ritt of Howard Communication Associates; and Jen Vondenbrink of the social media consulting company, Life Simplified.


As business owners ourselves we were tapping one another for our own businesses as well as referring clients. We thought that since we found each other valuable that other businesses should find us valuable too. As we brainstormed how to help we came up with the idea to offer free educational seminars to business owners or in-house marketers who need to keep up with the changing demands of marketing – which is no easy feat.


So what did we do when it came time to announce our events? Press releases, of course. The most recent event was listed in several Patch sites and picked up by South Coast Today (thank you very much Beth!). The press release gave a link to each of our individual websites as well as to the Marketing Unzipped site. What a wonderful marketing tool!


Press releases were part of our marketing arsenal – just one piece of our multichannel marketing plan. We listed the event, took registrations on our website and mentioned the event on social media. The host did a direct mail campaign and, naturally, there was plenty word of mouth too.


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