Grow Local, Buy Local, Shop Local … Promote Local

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Grow Local, Buy Local, Shop Local … Promote Local

We hear it all the time. The Green initiatives are all around us. But “Grow Local” doesn’t just mean farming, it means growing your business locally as well. And how do you do that? Internet marketing is a great option.


Here are some things you can do:
Review your website to make sure every page has all the information everyone needs to find you. If you’re a brick & mortar business confirm that your street address and zip code are prominently placed. Add 5-10 surrounding communities in the footer of every page. This will help when someone does a search in those surrounding towns for your product/service. Another idea is to add some towns in the page title. That’ll catch the search engine’s attention too. No matter what type of business you have your phone number should be on every page, big, bold and very noticeable.


Submit your site to local and industry-specific directories. Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local Listing Center are the first directories I submit clients to. There are many others like Manta, Merchants Circle and where customers can rate your business and give reviews. Some directories have categories like Home & Garden that are great for landscapers to get listed in. And for industrial businesses ThomasNet, GlobalSpec and several others have free listing areas that’ll give you some exposure. Many of these sites will already have your business listed but if you claim it you can add so much more than your company name, address and phone. You can list your services, hours, post a company profile. Some let you put up coupons, other have maps and on and on.


The most important item of all is a link to your website. Why? Because it’s a Backlink. The more relevant Backlinks you have to your site the higher your Google Page Rank will be. And the higher your Page Rank the higher you come up on a search. And isn’t that a great place to be?


If you want to grow your business through your website we’d be happy to talk with you and come up with a customized plan. Give Simple Wizardry a call at 508-697-4027 and schedule a 30-minute consultation to talk about a customized strategy just for you.